Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time spent.... or a penny spent....

During my annual Christmas season rant, I usually pontificate about people (mostly women) who go on and on about their holiday to-do lists, and Oh My God, however will they get it all done????   And I think to myself - if they spent more time enjoying and thinking about the real reason for the season, maybe they (and I) might be happier in the month of December.

But I've read something that made me realize that this type of person doesn't just gear up for Christmas.  It is a 12-month a year occupation for them.  I just read a Facebook rant written by someone who was outraged because she bought something that cost $3.99, and the cashier asked her if she wanted the penny or not.   Well, she rationalized, that was HER penny!!  An astute friend observed that it was a new practice, probably because there is a movement afoot to eliminate the penny.  The penny is a loser, because it takes two pennies to produce one penny.  The penny buys nothing.    Canada has stopped making the penny.    Now, realistically, if we really want to phase out the damn thing, let's just charge $4.00 instead of $3.99 and take the drama out of the situation altogether.

But WAIT!   If you save 50 pennies, you can roll them and get .......(drum roll please.....) 2 QUARTERS!!!    Holy Mackinoly, can you imagine?  

People often ask me how I get as much done as I do.  I can answer that very easily:  I do not:

(1) Obsess over every dust or lint particle that lands on anything within the walls of my house.

(2) Obsess over every weed that crops up overnight in my flower beds.

(3) Obsess over decorations for every holiday known to man, culminating in the blowout free-for-all formerly known as the birth of Christ.

(4) Pretend that I am a domestic goddess.   I gave up on that years ago because I was not fooling anyone.

(4) I absolutely, positively do NOT roll pennies!

If women really want to be on equal footing with men, they might want to consider re-prioritizing just a teeny bit...   Of course, the real modern wonder is the woman who somehow manages to do all of this stuff AND pull off a really successful career.  Few and far between, those women are.  But I still don't believe that they spend their spare time rolling pennies...

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