Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Another yoga class in the books.  This time, 60 minutes in a 90 degree room, followed by a 30 minute meditation period.  I almost skipped out on the meditation.  I have this awful fear of falling asleep in public.

There's no delicate way to describe my issue with this..... I snore.....loud.   When they fixed my deviated septum 13 years ago (13 years ago... really... ?  I remember watching the Nagano Olympics at 2:00AM because I couldn't sleep with those tubes stuffed up my nose to high heaven.... but I digress), I thought my snoring issues would stop.  When I got down to 135 pounds by running 15 miles a week 9 years ago, I thought my snoring issues would stop.  Wrong on both counts.  The only thing that stopped me from snoring was that medieval device known as the C-PAP machine.  Of course, part of the reason that I didn't snore was that I couldn't fall asleep, on my back, with this crazy mask strapped to my face.  So much for that.

So, anyway, I tried this meditation class.  By this time, if I was going to humiliate myself, I figured I would have done so already...numerous times.   The idea is to sit cross-legged or lay in corpse pose (love that name) and focus totally on my deeeeep breathing for 30 minutes.  The mind should be completely cleared.  If a thought enters the mind, you are supposed to "acknowledge it and move on...".    I'm guessing that my husband would say that it should be easy for me to maintain an empty mind for 30 minutes.....<har, har... insert laughter here>.  But...at 9:00PM after a busy day, this is not easy.  Easier if you've just finished the 60 minute class.....   But, once I cleared my mind and focused on breath, I found myself in a strange state of calm.  I did NOT fall asleep... I hope....  Yes, this I will definitely do again.   Soooo amazingly relaxing!   I love this studio and the instructors.   Each one brings something different and useful to the class.  Thank you to whatever force it was that decided that the old Remington building in North Tonawanda should be the next hot place for trendy businesses.   Hmmm... that might actually be my husband, on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas....  <sigh>... the Lord works in mysterious ways...

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