Thursday, December 13, 2012

A "Cheery" Update

So..... since my previous holiday rant, some extra-cheery updates have developed.

In the years since my brother has decided to go South for Christmas every year, he has managed to arrive back in town around the 27th or 28th of December, and we have usually gotten together for dinner somewhere between then and New Years.  This year he has decided that they will stop in Virginia on the way home at some scenic locale to take pictures.  This announcement prompted Bill, the ever-helpful boy scout, to give him pointers on VMI and the location of the graves of some famous Confederate generals, etc, etc..... (Thanks, Bill...).    I can only guess that this may put the kibosh on the get-together, as who knows now when they will get back to town.  He compares his current obsession with photography to my obsession with BCAS.    He has a point, but I must admit that in this instance, I'm having difficulty validating the comparison.

Newsflash #2 - Bill's sister has decided to return to working as a visiting nurse in order to pay the bills until she can find a job in her true vocation - geographic systems/ something or other ( for example, she interviewed in Binghamton for a job with National Grid where she would be evaluating forestation growth around power lines....... or something like that....  and receiving a larger starting salary than the current salaries of either Bill or myself.  But I digress...).  Anyway, she is working as a visiting nurse on Christmas.  She's crazy, but I'd still like her around on Christmas.  Not only is her pumpkin roll to die for, but most importantly this means no Nieces on Christmas either.   <SIGH.....> 

I don't know when to break these news bites to Mandy, but I think it should wait until she's home or on her way home from school.  No point in depressing her while she's still there.   I hope her best friend comes up earlier this year from NC so that they can spend more than one day together. 

I am trying very hard to turn myself around so that I can start thinking up some different approaches for next year, but it's difficult to drum up enthusiasm when I see no conceivable way that things will improve.  My brother takes any opportunity that he can to pull away from us, and now that my Mom is in Assisted Living, he can do it guilt-free.  Mandy is never going to live in Buffalo again, and it doesn't look like I'll be going to her.  I must be the only person I know of who actually looks forward to January in Buffalo!

Have I mentioned that the Holidays really suck .............?

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