Thursday, December 6, 2012

Concert Prep

I am officially almost 24 hours from the end of the first of two BCAS 2012 Christmas concerts.  Hmmm... we often read about the superstitions and rituals of athletes.  What about musicians.....

Right about now, I am ready to head to bed to attempt a cool 8 hours of zzzz ...... this is something that rarely happens on any other night.  Tomorrow, I am working and hydrating at the same - which means that the ladies' restroom will see more of me than my desk will.  I will attempt to duck out a couple of hours early because Bill and I must drive from one end of Erie County to the other... again..... albeit hopefully in better weather.

Earlier tonight, I performed the ritual drug store visit.  Some sort of black tights or pantyhose made of super-duper, fat-sucking-in material: check! New cheapo pearl studs to replace the cheapo ones that one 19-year old wore and lost:  check!  Some new piece of cheapo makeup (not too much glitter, now) to make me feel gorgeous <cough>: check!

Tomorrow when I get home from work I will continue to drink enough water to drown a camel but will eat ever so lightly - just enough to ensure that I don't pass out on the altar, no more than that so as not to compromise my feeble diaphragm and to ensure adequate space in my stomach in order to pig out after the concert.  Last but not least - I must remember to put in my contacts, because those reading glasses just do NOT cut it for me on any stage!

So I say to the ritualistic athletes - eat my dust!

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