Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Do The Time Warp......Again?

Bill and I, particularly me, seem to be drawn to folks a bit older than ourselves when it comes to potential friends.  I don't quite know why..... sometimes it doesn't take off, most times it works out quite well.  Here's an example of what happens when we try to befriend people our own age (something that we, apparently, need to stop doing)....

Enter Darren and Miranda.  Darren - pleasant, likable, drywall specialist.  He has done drywall jobs for us many times in exchange for Bill's tax services.  Miranda - fascinating, Canadian-Italian, animal lover, with a very European outlook on life that I find appealing.  We have visited their home in Wilson during tax season the past 2 years.  They introduced me to my current, very successful vitamin regimen and the vitamin powder that I give to the cats- equally successful   They are sort of entrepreneurial.   Sounds like an interesting couple, yes?

Fast forward to this week.  Some drywall patchwork needs to be done in my in-laws house.  Darren and Miranda want to register an LLC with New York State.  We agree to meet at my in-laws house,  set up the LLC,  check out the area of the dining room ceiling that needs work, and then go to dinner.  Cool ......

Imagine my dismay when they pull into the driveway (30 minutes late) and proceed to unload all of his drywalling equipment - she is dressed in old jeans and a sweatshirt, he in jeans and flannel.  Hmmmm...  My first clue that something was amiss should have been when I greeted her in the kitchen and she said, in a puzzled voice "Do you live here?"  Clearly she had not expected to see me.  I watch the scene unfold in front of me......  Darren immediately goes to work on the ceiling ..... with the idea that Bill will set up their LLC on his laptop in the dining room.....  the conversation is interesting enough - they want to buy a mobile home park.....(?)  Things take a turn for the worse when Bill starts talking about restaurants in the area and Miranda announces that "We never eat in restaurants.  I cook."   At this point, the drywall job was done, the LLC was registered, and they packed up and left.   Huh??   Well, I'm the dummy, because now I remember that the last time we went to their house  (did I mention they live in Wilson?), Bill and Darren finished their business at roughly 5:00PM that day with nary a dinner invitation in sight.   We left..... hungry...... in Wilson.   Thank God for the Wilson Boat House.

So, back to this afternoon:  after Darren and Miranda left, I looked at Bill and said "I don't see how we can possibly be friends with people who don't eat in restaurants!" Bill's response: "They want to buy a mobile home park.....?"  He swears he told them that we would "grab something to eat afterward"  I believe him.....  and that's exactly what he and I did.....still shaking our heads half an hour later.

Say what you want about generational differences or the lack thereof.....  a lot of the people my age are just plain weird.

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