Saturday, July 26, 2014

A New Twist on an Old Prayer

I am on the Board of Directors of the chorus for which I also sing.  While I feel that I still have many quality singing years ahead of me, I can't help but feel that my best years as a member of this Board are behind me.  My passion for it is gone, and it makes me sad, because we have great things planned for the next two seasons.  But, I am committed to these two seasons because I do believe in the ability of our Chorus to achieve great things and I still want to be a part of making that happen.  I want to believe that there is someone ready to replace me who will have the same level of commitment and passion that I brought to the table over the past 12 years.   The trouble is that there are members of this Board, new and returning, who seem to have personal agendas.  I wonder what would happen if these people were left to their own devices on this Board?  Would their agendas ultimately benefit this Chorus?  Am I so arrogant that I believe that my way (our way) is the only way or the ultimate way?  My gut is telling me that people who are self-serving will not ever  serve in the best interests of the Chorus.   My gut is telling me that when the "up and coming" people disrespect experienced veterans (as they have already done), that these people will always put their own needs ahead of the 100 or so people who elected them.   But ......  my gut has been wrong.  Frequently.   And I know that I will be stepping down in two years, and when I do, I have to find a way to accept my successor.

We are all meeting for our first Board meeting of the season tomorrow.   There have been major issues already - before we've even had a chance to meet.  I suppose it's preferable to have your opponent fire a warning shot instead of just ambushing you.  Except that these people are NOT supposed to be our opponents.   My plan for meeting prep?  Well, I thought about the Serenity Prayer this morning.  I don't see any way that I will be able to remain serene during this meeting.  Instead, I think I'll concentrate on remaining wise.

God, grant me the wisdom to enter into this encounter with an open mind.
Help me to know when to speak and when to keep my big mouth shut.
Grant me the discipline to allow all of my experiences - both good and bad -  with these people to color my actions.  
God, help me to use my intuition to be able to support my allies without being overtly partisan.
Give me the strength to take the high road and be the bigger person when necessary.
Above all, help me to remember why I am doing this, why I agreed to do this 12 years ago, and who I am really working for.    


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