Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 7th

So.... why is the date of July 7th significant?

Well ....... maybe it won't end up being significant at all, or maybe.... just maybe...... it will be the start of something big for me.

I was walking back from lunch yesterday with two ladies that I work with.  Suddenly, one of them announced to us that starting next Monday, she was going to get her shit together and start packing a lunch. Because she was tired of eating grease and crap.   Uh..... yeah!!!   Since I have been feeling especially shitty myself these days, I immediately jumped on board with this plan.   The three of us will pack a lunch and eat our packed lunches together......

.... I've been down this road before.  It never becomes permanent.  I need to make it permanent.  So, as the little voice in my head tells me "yeah, yeah, yeah.... this plan will last about a week....."  I am reviewing my daily Feedspot e-mail, and I see a blog entitled "15 day Affirmation Challenge".  I like affirmations, but I've never really known how to actually put them to use.  I read one, think "wow, that's so true" or "yeah, man, that's a good one" ......  and that's about all.  This challenge claims to provide a daily affirmation and a way to actually use it.   Now they've got my attention.

Suppose I start modifying my eating habits and I sign up for this affirmation challenge at the same time?   Am I on to something here?  The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work and I continue my gorging, and maybe you'll turn on The Biggest Loser and see my face staring back.   The best is that something finally clicks in my brain that I am worthy of better - of looking and feeling better, sleeping better, etc.,...

It was suggested that bloggers blog about this 15-day challenge.  I will do that.   Anyone interested in checking out this 15 day challenge, which begins next Monday, can do so at:


This should be good, one way or another .....

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