Sunday, March 3, 2013

All Talk is Not Necessarily Cheap

This is me whining again.  Poor me.

There.  Now that I've established the general tone of this blog entry, I feel liberated enough to vent freely.

I can't tell if I've never been a good conversationalist or if I've simply lost any ability I might have ever had to command anyone's attention.    Or maybe I don't exude any sense of urgency  .... ever ..... causing the entire world to feel free to interrupt my conversations - sometimes as I am in a sentence mid-stream.  I'm obviously doing something wrong.  What.......?  I don't know.

Lately I seem to also be incapable of even getting to the point where I'm even having the desired discussion in the first place.  So, in a weird sort of way, that might be a good thing.  The world at large can't disrupt an interchange that never even got started in the first place.  A good example would be Amanda who was home for 7 days.  I figured out that I had her undivided attention for less than one hour the entire time she was home.  Her boyfriend came to town with her.  Don't get me wrong - he is a great kid and I guess I should be happy that they've been together for over a year and still talk each other's ear off.    And he likes to talk as much as she does.  It is a long time - more than 2 months - before I will see her again.   I need to focus on the fact that we managed to show our guest a good time during the last week in February in Buffalo.  Not a small accomplishment.

And then today after Mass, I said to Bill "can we just go to Tim Horton's for coffee and sit and talk?".   He was very agreeable, but I guess he thought I meant "I can sit quietly and listen to him talk to people from our church.".   Sigh......    I guess even though my husband and I are similar in our lack of the ability to call attention to ourselves, he tries to compensate by being overly chatty with anyone and everyone.   Not I.   I sometimes think I get why people with mental conditions might start talking to themselves a lot.    You have a ready audience at your beck and call and you always have the listener's undivided attention.   The feedback isn't very useful, though.   Everything has a drawback.  Guess I'll have to do something about that!

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