Friday, March 22, 2013

Escape From the World Day 3

Sand.  White.  Clean.  Pristine.  Dazzling.  A stream of consciousness that flows like the ocean as I viewed Clearwater Beach for the first time.  Mass transit.  The miracle of modern humanity used by tourist destinations to allow visitors to wander freely and cheaply.  What do these two independent thoughts have in common?  Easy - they are things to which folks from Western New York react as if someone had just invented fire. 

Today, Bill and I meandered between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg Beach on a bus called the "Suncoast Trolley" with unlimited use for the entire day for a mere $4.50.  Remarkable.  There was a similar bus in Clearwater named "Jolly Trolley"... or some such name.  We stopped in between at John's Pass.  A miraculous jumble of shops and restaurants on an inlet.  I had a crab cake sandwich for lunch and shrimp primavera for dinner.  I wonder if it is possible to eat too much seafood..... 

Beaches are just fabulous, and I can't seem to get enough of them.  From early morning walks in solitude to watching the joy of children cavorting.  The wind that carries the hint of ocean to my nose.  The seabirds in all of their shapes and sizes.  It is no wonder that beach resorts so often have the word "Paradise" in their names. 

And so another day ends, and the beach  will await me tomorrow morning, with the waves crashing on the sand, calling to me - sometimes softly, sometimes insistently, always happily.  Good night.

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