Monday, March 25, 2013

Escape From the World Day 6

Today was chilly by 'Florida in March' standards.  Chilly and windy, but sunny.  Today was all about a brief beach walk and a bit of window shopping topped off by a dinner at an amazing steak house (where I ordered shrimp - LOL).  Tomorrow we head for home... probably just at the right time.

No matter how fantastical a vacation might be, I think it's a good sign that you are going home right when you are ready to go home.  Vacations with family are interesting and don't always end up like you might have wished.  Often they may be your only option if, in fact, you actually want to have a vacation.  In my case, Bill and I hadn't had one in two and a half years.  He was going to Florida with or without me, so ..........  I closed my eyes, held my breath and leaped.   Family vacations always seem to come with restrictions - restrictions that are not easily tolerated when you don't take vacations on a regular basis.  Personality traits that you find so endearing in your spouse might be less so in his other immediate family members.  And putting these people together under one roof for more than one day can really produce a big pot of crazy.

Do I feel rested?  Yes. Did I enjoy the weather and the beaches?  Absolutely.  My mother in law is re-upping the condo for next year.  It may or may not end up being be her final year down here.  And we are already talking about returning next March.  I don't know how I feel about that just yet.  I am hoping that I've retained the right to not lock myself in before I'm even on the plane home this year, but history tells me that I might not be so lucky.

This is what I know for sure.  I can't picture myself ever living in the Southeast unless I'm forced to in order to find employment.  Humidity and I just do not get along.  I can't picture myself making the annual trek to "________________"(fill in the blank) for vacation at any stage of my life.  The world, hell - our country - is a big place.  For the love of God, why would I want to return to the same place every stinking year for "vacation"?  I'd like to give myself a bit more credit for having some imagination and some spirit of adventure.

In the meantime.... goodbye Florida and Vive La France!!

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