Sunday, March 24, 2013

Escape From the World Day 4

The ponytail holder is the only thing standing between me and my picture on the cover of National Geographic magazine.  There are no words for what this climate has done to my hair.  If I pierced both sides of my nose and inserted a bone through it, the picture would be clear.  Yesterday, the fog decided to roll in, and we made the mistake of leaving the door to the balcony slightly open for the breeze.  We returned from taking my niece to the airport to find everything in our bedroom damp.  Carpet, bedspread, all open surface and everything that was laying out in the open.  Thank God I take my phone with me everywhere!

Yesterday I get my first pedicure of the year.  I've made up my mind that I need to find a salon back home that gives a decent pedicure.  I wasn't jazzed with the pedicure from the place that does my nails, so I got one pedicure all summer last year.  Not a good idea for my caveman feet. 

We walked on the beach very early - 5:30AM.  It was a different world.  There are these little black birds who run all over the beach in the dark, and they look like mice or something when they run.  We could feel the humidity in the air already - LOL - guess we should have known!

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