Thursday, March 21, 2013

Escape From the World Day 2

Until today, the last time I spent a day at an amusement park was...... I can't remember!  Busch Gardens Tampa - part zoo, part amusement park, totally a blast!  I feel like I might never eat again, though.  Bill found an online deal where purchasing the admission tickets online instead of at the gate got us a free "all you can eat or drink" pass.   I wouldn't categorize the food as haute cuisine, but as park food goes, it was better than most.

My crowning achievement of the day was that I rode all five roller coasters with my niece.  Our favorite coaster was "Sheikra" , a coaster of the dangling legs variety in which the riders ascend the first hill at a totally vertical angle only to stop abruptly at the top dangling beyond vertical in the descending direction for a second prior to plunging down the first hill.  Complete, awesome, adrenaline rush.  Our final coaster ride of the day was "Cheetah Hunt", a ride designed to emulate a cheetah chasing its prey.   Right out of the gate, the cars accelerate from "zero to cheetah" in about 3 seconds flat, before climbing the first hill.  The rest of the ride features a combination of corkscrews, loops, side-to-side dips and more "zero to cheetah" accelerations.  Very, very cool.

The animals were fabulous.  Lorakeets landing on our heads, an interactive kangaroo exhibit, and a whole new angle on hippos.  Just for starters.

I haven't been this tired since I almost fell asleep on the ground on the terrace at the Kennedy Center.  Over and out!

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